Thursday, March 27, 2008

Chocolate macarons

It is rumored that chocolate macarons are the most difficult to make. But since my newfound success with both almond and pistachio macarons, I decided to be brave. I didn't have dutch processed cocoa which is cocoa used by most pastry chefs. Cocoa powder is naturally acidic and can deflate the meringue after mixing, but I braved on with the regular 100% cocoa powder I bought from Jeff de Bruges here in Dubai...and you know what? acid or alkaline, they worked out fine....These are filled with a chocolate ganache filling...

For the recipe, use the basic recipe I posted earlier and just add 25g. cocoa powder to the dry ingredients.


ice tea: sugar high said...

I absolutely agree with you! chocolate macaroons are the hardest. I recently embarked on a macaroon adventure myself. I had to waste 3 batches of chocolate macaroons to get it working at the end.